Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daddy Sent Me For A Reason!!

So many things have been going on lately, things that only Daddy has control over. Things that make my understanding,of why daddy sent me, very clear. Daddy sent me for reason and that's to make His name known, to fulfill His vision of every nation, tribe and tongue worshipping at the foot of His thrown. It makes my heart hurt to see people not knowing about Him, about His love, His mercy, and His grace. It breaks my heart to see us His children just sit around and do nothing about it. I love it when He breaks my heart like this because it gives me the courage to go and tell. I want the whole world to know about my Daddy!!! So i will, I will go out and make disciples of all nations, I will tell everyone that crosses my path, I will be intentional!!! Daddy never promised tomorrow so we have to live for today!! We have to tell people about Him today, love people like He wants us too today! Today is here, tomorrow isn't!! This is something that Daddy has really been laying on my heart and I know I've done it too!!! Let people know about Him!! Pray for daddy to open their hearts, pray for daddy to open their eyes!! Go and make disciples please! Just like someone told you about daddy, someone else is waiting just like you were. Here's a short poem that I wrote and I hope it encourages everyone to go and tell!!

Jesus I love it when You,
break my heart for,
the things,
that break yours.

It hurts me to see them going by,
and not know,
and not love You,
Lord like I love You,

I'll shout our Your precious name.
to glorify,
and give you fame.

Till the whole world knows of your,

Your Love is,

Your mercy is,

Your Patience is,

They need to know of Your
Love and Your,
Mercy and Your,

So I'm gonna shout our Your precious name.
to glorify,
and give you fame.

Till the whole world knows! ♥

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey!!! So we made it to Dehli!!! The week has been challenging but still amazing!! Daddy's really been teaching me patience, forgiveness, understanding, and spiritual warfare all rapped in one! When we got here I just thought everything was amazing!. I was in that "Honeymoon Stage" if you know what I mean(last roughly a couple of days) haha! Well, we get to the airport and find our ppl!! And after greeting them we exchange our USD to Indian Rupees and head to the car. India is a very interesting place....wait no...Dehli is a very interesting place!! You think traffic in the US is bad's nothing compared to here! There's ppl honking and changing lanes(this includes: passing without signal lights, there are no lines so it's not really changing lanes,to put in more simple terms if just try not to be in the way! ) There were cows just chillin everywhere, but I thought all of this was the coolest thing ever! We get to the guest house we're staying in and drop our bags off, we then head to a market by the name of G-K1 and go to the Coffee bean! My friends thought the food was pretty good. "American food with an Indian twist" is what I would call it. Of all the things on the menu I decided to get a jerk chicken sandwich thinking that since Indian ppl eat spicy food it would be like real Jamaican Jerk Chicken...Well I soon found out that it was not at all like any jerk chicken I've had! Indian spices are very different! So this post is super late b/c we spent a week in dehli and now we're in mumbai and we've been here for almost 3wks. Mumbai is a little different from dehli. It's not as chaotic here(if you knew what i meant by that trust me you would understand). I really like mumbai though it's more city than I thought it would be. We haven't started work yet just learning the language. Being here has been tough and It's really frustrating so I try my best to spend time with Daddy each and everyday. So plz whenever you're having time with Daddy, remember me. Other than the hard times everything else has been great. Last saturday I started a workshop for dance, acting, and music and it's so amazing that I'm on the other side of the world doing all the things that I love to be continued.

sorry this is so short...the next one will be longer with more details! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Uk is officially the best country ever :)

London is amazing and just so beautiful. It's just so exciting to me to see more and more of daddy's land! I was so anxious and jittery when we were about to land in London. Did I mention everything is beautiful? ha ha Everything was just so green mixed with different colors of brown!! I had a window seat so the view was incredible!! I was looking down...and you know how you look at clouds and try to make different things out of them??...well i did that but ground he he...crazy I know!! but if you've been on a flight for 7 hours with no sleep your jet lagged and miserable...and a little delusional lol!! But any who...i saw Texas and man's head in the ground it was pretty cool...but I'm almost done with the silliness...from the sky i saw a lot of red...i saw one red building and ,what it seem liked to me, 1,001 red cars!! It was a lot of red...and it really made me dizzy to see that traffic was going a different way. Everything was just awesome!! after finally landing, me and my two team members tried to find things to do at the airport for 6 hours. So we talked, slept, and got to know each other a little better. I then thought at that moment "Daddy is trying to teach me something important for the next 6 months." All three of us have very different personalities....extremely's going to be a very interesting semester lol :). This blob is very short but i hope you enjoy and hopefully I'll be able to tell yall about Dehli soon.... :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daddy's been working tremendously!!

Daddy is so amazing!! I can't fathom all the things he had planned for me this summer. He really showed me how deep and great His love is!!! Just a little info about what i did :) We worked with an inner city Hispanic community. We did all sorts of things like ESL classes, keeping nursery for the mother's while they were in ESL, cutting grass for "FREE" whoop whoop lol, giving out free snow cones yum:) , giving out free clothes and food to the homeless or families that needed them,free lunch program, and my favorite KID'S CLUB!!!!! The kid's came Mon-Thurs from 3-5pm. We would do crafts, songs, tell them a story a/b daddy, games, and then snack time!! It was so amazing to me to see smiles on these kids faces especially since some of them don't get love or attention in their homes. I just love when daddy breaks my heart for the things that break His!! It made my heart smile to know that when these kids come in that they're striving for attention that i love to give to them!!! They are so beautiful to me..every single last one of them!!! I just get this warm feeling just thinking and typing this!!! We also did preteens and teens. We did the same thing as kid's club minus the songs, games, and crafts. They would come in Monday and Friday from 5:30-7:30 and they would do free time and then we would tell them about daddy but we would talk a/b more intense stuff than at kid's club!! I was so privileged to have spent my summer in Houston with such amazing sisters and brothers, that I hope to keep in with touch forever!! :) I had to leave early from Houston b/c daddy is sending me on another trip :) and I'm so excited to see what He has planned for me and two of my others sisters that are going along with me!!! I actually leave tonight at 9:15pm!! So a quick little funny story!! I stayed up all night packing and didn't fall asleep until 4 and I "thought" I had to be up early for my flight so I woke up at 6 and headed to the airport. When I got there i was wondering why the airline I was going on wasn't open so I asked a lady what time they opened and she said, "what time is your flight?" and i unknowingly say "9:20" and she says, "well they should be open around 8" lol so I go sit and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and no one ever came so I go to ask this other man and he tells me "they don't open until the afternoon" and i'm like, "huh?? my flight is at 9:20" so he calls this other guy over and he tells me, "they open at 3:30" and then I finally decided to look at my itinerary haha and it says 9:15PM!!!!! to make a long story short...I was so anxious about going and not being patience like daddy wants us to be!! He does tell us though to not be anxious about anything :). Well I gotta go...see yall when I make it to my destination!!